‘One day, Layman Pang and his daughter, Lingzhao, were out selling bamboo baskets. Coming down off a bridge, the Layman stumbled and fell. When Lingzhao saw this, she ran to her father’s side and threw herself to the ground.
“What are you doing?” cried the Layman.
“I saw you fall so I’m helping,” replied Lingzhao.
“Luckily no-one was looking,” remarked the Layman.’ (The Hidden Lamp)

I have been looking through more of the stories from The Hidden Lamp, and Lingzhao shines out as a great example of lay practice and deep understanding, as in this recent post. In Joan Sutherland’s commentary in the book, she notes ‘compassion isn’t a commodity we deliver, but a commitment… to liberate the intimacy already inherent in any situation.’ This gives us a strong lens through which to examine this story. I also notice my appreciation for the spontaneity and lack of self-consciousness demonstrated.

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