Enkyo O’Hara

‘One of the elements in the ancient Chinese ideogram for Zen is “clearing a space for an altar.” I feel this is exceedingly apt, because so much of Zen is about making space in our heart-minds so that we can live a life that is direct and clear. We burn off the brush and find ourselves in an unobstructed opening to life, and that opening, that bare space, is our altar. It is open and allows reality to enter. When a flower comes, it is accepted as a flower; when a dark cloud comes, it is accepted as a dark cloud. There is no denial or grasping. There is recognition.’

3 thoughts on “Enkyo O’Hara

  1. Shundo, thanks so much for your blogs. I’d like to share the below information beckoning on my alter. Today, I woke up this morning with the following words:
    Riding the Dragon I bumped into Joshu and his Dog, leaving me in this state: What is Mu? Pondering Mu and breathing Mu – the Dragon roars, I see. Many faces – who am I? Buddha’ face – who am I? Where am I? Silence! Mu resides in silence! I’m one, I’m none I’am. Shining light on social injustices, breathing into my bones, exhaling through all my pores many lights, remembering.


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