‘When you first seek dharma, you imagine you are far away from its environs. But dharma is already correctly transmitted; you are immediately your original self.’ (Genjo Koan).

To be read alongside the Daido Loori quote from the other day. I have already posted this quote, but it never hurts to be reminded of the essentials at regular intervals. On one level we know it to be true; on another somehow we have to be able to trust that it is, and then manifest the truth of it in our lives.


7 thoughts on “Dogen

  1. Thanks for the daily post – I’m nourished.
    After spending many years thinking something was surely wrong with me – coming face-to-face with my original self shines a light on the vastness of me.
    Deepest Bow


  2. “Study closely Changsha’s words, The entire world of the ten directions is the radiant light of the self. Study that radiant light is the self of the entire world of the ten directions” (Shobogenzo Komyo -Radiant Light’)


  3. I’m getting closer to the understanding of Changsha’s words (̶◉͛‿◉̶) ➖ ‘The entire world of the 10 directions is nothing but the true human body’. I’m a person of Radiant Light. And actualizing understanding my true human body🙏🏿


  4. E = mc^2! I thought of this equation today, as I continue to ponder Radiant Light. Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.


    1. It seems we are in the absolute center of it. We are it! Can it get closer to it’s light? I’ve actually seen, I’ll just say the essence of this great light, for I’m not sure exactly at the time of dropping into this bright-light-space, how I got there, I was there and a few other individuals I know, and we were all staring at this amazing bliss. This space was awesome! Maybe sharing this will shine forth and bring me closer to seeing, again.


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