Uchiyama Roshi

‘In Buddhism, finding the meaning of life never means to search for it among toys. A life which relies on toys for its value means nothing more than that one is being led around by these toys, thus losing sight of living with true purpose or intensity. To live the buddhadharma is to live without the necessity of having to be constantly entertained by toys. Having a passion for life means only to pour all our life forces into our true Self. Life, in terms of everything we encounter, the people with whom we come into contact, all the material things we use and handle every day – that is our life and our true Self, and it is into this that we throw our life force.’

5 thoughts on “Uchiyama Roshi

  1. A few days ago, I met a homeless man or my perception he was homeless. He asked me for a dollar and I gave it to him, he then asked for part of my tea and I shared 1/2 my cup with him (I just happened to have an extra cup with me), and then he asked me if I could spare another dollar? At this time, I asked his name. Tony says he. I looked straight into Tony’s eyes and said very firmly; ‘don’t push your luck’! At that moment, we both had an amazing big laugh and Tony was not homeless and I realized Tony touched my enlightenment button, my true Self. Haha I see him often.
    Deep Bow


  2. The other day, a friend gave me Returning to Silence/Dainin Katagiri to read and return. For me this means➖I cannot highlight, dog-ear or underline any of my favorites. So, I thought I’d share this passage:
    ‘See at a distance, an undesirable person;
    See close at hand a desirable person;
    Come closer to the undesirable person;
    Move away from the desirable person.
    Coming close and moving apart, how interesting life is’
    I’m listening!
    I’m realizing all beings are buddhas, I accept this truth.
    My heart is opening!


      1. Of course‼️ Is this a Koan? I can get very tripped up by the ‘I’. I’m very self-centered and so, I think of myself first, most times. Sometimes, I don’t like to say ‘I’.


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