Transmitting the Light

‘The fortieth patriarch was zen master Tongan Daopi. Once, Yunju said, “If you want to acquire such a thing, you must become such a person. Since you are such a person, why be anxious about such a thing?” Hearing this, Tongan was awakened.

From Keizan Jokin’s commentary: ‘The winds of discrimination cannot enter this place of knowing. Thus, people, when you penetrate it thoroughly, and fully, you will realize that you have possessed it since time immemorial and that it has not been absent for a second. Even though you seek it through thought, that itself is the Self and nothing else. Even reflecting inwardly on yourself is not discrimination; it is Self, and not something new. Using eyes, ears, and mouth, opening your hand and moving your feet – these are all Self. Fundamentally, it is not grasped with hands or seen by the eyes. Therefore it cannot be discussed in terms of sounds and forms, and it is not approached with ears and eyes. When you see it fully, you will doubtlessly know that there is an “I” and that there is a self.’

We can reflect how Suzuki Roshi, in the post from the other day also reminds us about this.

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