Transmitting the Light

‘The fourth patriarch in China, Dayi Daoxin, bowed to great master Jianzhi and said, “I beg the master in his great compassion to give me the teaching of liberation.” The third patriarch replied, “Who is binding you?” Dayi said, “No-one is binding me.” The patriarch answered, “Then why are you seeking liberation?” With these words, Dayi was greatly awakened.’

From Keizan Jokin’s commentary: ‘Once this barrier of liberation is crossed, this principle of liberation no longer exists. That is to say, there is no bondage, no liberation, no that, no this. Therefore, none of these names is established, none of the shapes of things is distinguished. You penetrate the results of practice, so how can you be concerned with relative and absolute? There are no distinctions in this place, nor should you get stuck in any direction. If you can see in this way, you will not use the word “liberation”, so how can you hate bondage?’

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