Suzuki Roshi

‘All the rules we have are just to make practice easier. Not to make our door narrow, but to open our door to everyone. We know how difficult it is, so we set up some rules to help you practice. If there is no pole for you to climb up, it is difficult for you to experience the kind of feeling you will have when you jump off the top. If a baby has no toy, it is rather difficult to have the actual experience of a human being. The rules we have are a kind of toy to help your experience as a Buddhist. It does not mean that the toy is always necessary, but when you are young it is necessary.
So it is not necessary to always stick to the rules. What is important is to extend your way of life deeper and wider. To have a beautiful ceramic bowl is not necessary when you are ready to appreciate things. Whatever it is, things will encourage your practice. If you can enjoy your life in its true sense, then even if you injure your body it is alright. Even if you die it is alright. When you are encouraged by anything, and you realize everything is always helping you, then there is no difference whether you are dead or alive. It is all right. Quite all right. That is complete renunciation.’ (Not Always So)

Everything is always helping you. Can you trust that?

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