Transmitting the Light

‘The forty-first patriarch was Great Master Tongan the Latter. He studied with the former Tongan. He said, “The ancients said, ‘What worldly people love, I love not.’ I wonder what you love.” Tongan Daopi replied, “I have already been able to be like this.” At these words, Tongan the Latter was greatly enlightened.’

From Keizan’s commentary: ‘Whether you are beginners or veterans, you are descendants of the Venerable Shakyamuni, and use [the same robes and bowl] he used. How can you be attached in the same way worldly people are? First, you must free yourselves of all false views of such things as right and wrong, good and evil, male and female. Next, do not get stuck in the nihilism of non-action, indifference and formlessness. If you want to experience this realm personally, do not look for it in others or beyond yourselves. You must go back to the time when you had no body, before you were conceived, and have a close look. You will not find the slightest sign of the many distinctions. Do not be like a demon in a dark cave. This Mind is fundamentally wonderfully clear, bright and undarkened. It illuminates perfectly, and is open as the sky…

The Buddha can do nothing for you, and there is nothing to be had from a teacher. Not only is it not distinguished through sound and form, but it has no ears and eyes. However the Mind-moon shines round and bright; the eye-flower opens and forms are fresh. You must arrive here fully and be worthy like Tongan Guanzhi.’

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