On the move

I have been traveling this month, and one of my friends asked me if I made time to sit when I was away from home and out of my usual schedules. A couple of weeks ago on my travels, I offered a meditation session at a friend’s office, but otherwise I did not do any formal sitting. […]

Enkyo O’Hara

‘We tend to think that we are independent of our environment, of the people and things around us. But when we sit in meditation and experience ourselves completely, breath by breath, we realize that we do not exist in a vacuum; we co-exist with the elements and with all those with whom we’re connected consciously […]

Transmitting the Light

‘The forty-second patriarch was Liangshan. He studied with Tongan Guanzhi and served him. Tongan asked him, “What is the business beneath the patched robe?” Liangshan had no answer. Tongan said, “Studying the Buddha Way and still not reaching this realm is the most painful thing. Now, you ask me.” Liangshan asked, “What is the business […]


‘All buddha tathagathas who individually transmit inconceivable dharma, actualizing unsurpassable, complete enlightnment, have a wondrous art, supreme and unconditioned. Receptive samadhi is its mark; only buddhas transmit it to buddhas without veering off. Sitting upright, practicing Zen, is the authentic gate to free yourself in the unconfined realm of this samadhi. Although this inconceivable dharma […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘All the rules we have are just to make practice easier. Not to make our door narrow, but to open our door to everyone. We know how difficult it is, so we set up some rules to help you practice. If there is no pole for you to climb up, it is difficult for you […]


‘You must understand one thing in Buddhism: there is no mystery in authentic Dharma. Some people misunderstand Buddhism. They think anyone who studies Buddhism will acquire supernatural power, not knowing the real meaning of “supernatural.” Especially in America today, everyone wishes to have some form of power. They have enough power materially, therefore they wish […]

The Blue Cliff Record

‘Yunmen spoke to his assembly and said, “Everyone has their own light. If they try to see it, everything is darkness. What is everyone’s light?” No-one in the assembly spoke, so he answered himself, “The halls and the gate.” He also added, “A good thing does not compare with no thing.” (Case 81) What does […]