‘Even if you have an eye to see mountains as grass, trees, earth, rocks or walls, do not be confused or swayed by it; this is not complete realization. Even if there is a moment when you view mountains as the seven treasures’ splendor, this is not returning to the source. Even if you understand mountains as the realm where all buddhas practice, this understanding is not to be attached to. Even if you have the highest understanding of mountains as all buddhas’ wondrous characteristics, the truth is not only this. These are conditioned views. This is not the understanding of buddha ancestors, but merely looking through a bamboo pipe at the corner of the sky.’ (Mountains and Rivers Sutra)

I would underline the phrase ‘this understanding is not to be attached to’. Any time you try to rest in understanding, you miss what is unfolding in front of you.

A reminder that I will be talking about this fascicle of the Shobogenzo in Santa Cruz tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Dogen

  1. Yes, your question is a good one! Working with the activity of ‘bouncing’ So, first ‘Fundamentally Still’ then, noting certain feelings, wanting to grasp and attach; that is when I bounce (not physically) How do you work with attachments?…..deeply bowing.


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