‘Great teacher Sakyamuni Buddha sat on the vajra seat under the bodhi tree, saw the bright star, realized the way and said, “When the bright star appeared, I accomplished the way at the same time as the great earth and all sentient beings.”
The great earth and all sentient beings say it this way; old man Sakyamuni says it this way; what does the great assembly say? If the great assembly cannot say it, then I, Eihei will speak.
Dogen held up his staff, pounded it once, and said: This is what I was able to study on the long platform. Can you say something that goes beyond it?
Again Dogen raised his staff and pounded it once and said: Without being involved in two sides, what more can you say?
After a pause Dogen said: I have already met with you all in front of the monks’ hall.’ (Extensive Record, discourse 240)

Just as with the quote from Suzuki Roshi the other day, the two sides (relative and absolute) are not sufficient in themselves. Perhaps I would add, how could he have expressed this without using his staff?

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