‘For untold ages it didn’t have a name. Then they blundered and gave it one. When it flies into your eyes, even gold dust will blind you. A mani gem is just another blemish on the Dharma. What is it! Most people only think they have the real thing, like the man who confused a saddle remnant for his father’s jawbone. The reason those who search for the Way remain unaware of its reality is simply because from the first they accept all their discriminations as true. Those have been the very source of birth and death since the beginning of time, yet fools call them “the original man.” (Zen Words for the Heart)

I did not really bring Hakuin into my discussion on the Heart Sutra in Santa Cruz on Saturday, but sometimes it is helpful to take a little dose of his corruscating teaching, just in case you are tempted to stay where you are.

One thought on “Hakuin

  1. Those who are thirty and dehydrated sees a mirage of water and thinks, it’s the real thing, until getting closer. What is it? ‘A mani gem is just another blemish on the Dharma’. Really want to learn more of Hakuin.


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