Chan Master Sheng Yen

‘People who want to attain wisdom usually do not know how or where to begin. If you seek wisdom through words, all you will gain is intellectual knowledge. Scholars may study and even recite sutras by heart without perceiving their meaning from direct personal experience. Writing about sutras, doing comparative analysis, and so on, do not necessarily confer acquired wisdom. Not that it is impossible to gain wisdom through reading sutras; it depends on one’s attitude. If one reads sutras with an attitude of gaining intellectual understanding, wisdom will be elusive. On the other hand, if you approach sutras as a method of meditation or contemplation, and commit your whole being to perceiving their meaning, it is possible for wisdom to arise.’ (There is no Suffering)

2 thoughts on “Chan Master Sheng Yen

  1. We seek the speciality, the wisdom, the insight. However, we cannot force epiphany to appear, we should meditate without any apriori assumptions. Follow the flow, not thoughts. Thank you for sharing this quote.


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