Katagiri Roshi

‘Zen Buddhism focuses on day-to-day life because no matter how long you try to understand life and death intellectually, you will never understand by using only your intellect – you cannot feel how deep your life is. Life is really vast, and you can never get a definite solution. I don’t mean you should ignore intellectual understanding. You can take care of your intellect by patting it on the head, calming your body and mind, and letting yourself go deeply into the human world that is beyond the intellectual world. This is our practice. Whatever your intellectual understanding brings you, open your heart enough to digest it again and again, deepen it again and again.’ (Each Moment is the Universe)

2 thoughts on “Katagiri Roshi

  1. I recently and not so recently, found out that a very close-friend is in hospice, for maybe her final stage in this life, for terminal cancer. Speaking with her partner, a few days ago, we both realized that dying is such a part of life and mere words cannot make sense of it. We both agreed; our friend is teaching us how to practice looking at life and death, death and life, the same. I was searching for words so thanks for this post Shundo. bows….


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