The Hidden Lamp

‘Master Keizan Jokin asked the nun Mokufu Sonin, “The winter is coming to an end and the springtime is arriving. There is an order to this. What is your understanding?”
Sonin replied, “In the branches of a tree without shade, how could there be any seasons?”
Keizan asked her, “What about right now?”
Sonin bowed. Keizan then transmitted the Dharma robe to her.’

From Anita Feng’s commentary: ‘Even though our stories of selfhood are limiting, I think that for most people the concept of no-self sounds rather terrifying. But I suggest that you view this impermanence as a mark of freedom, true freedom, already and always at the cusp of being. This is a springtime of another order! Before I slap words on the transitory nature of things (“my father is dying”), I can take refuge in this timeless universe of no self-nature.’

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