‘Having enough gruel and rice is the wondrous function of spiritual power. Cloud and water monks arrive and manifest Buddha’s body to express the Dharma. How is this? After a pause Dogen said: Although it can’t be explained in words, it’s peaceful and serene.’ (Extensive Record, Discourse 86)

Dana Velden

‘The kitchen, perhaps more than any other room in the home, offers us many opportunities to discover intimacy. First, we experience intimacy with the tangible world through working with our bodies, our ingredients, and the physical space of our kitchen. Second, we explore intimacy as a state of mind and discover the degree to which […]


High, high from the summit of the peak, Whatever way I look, no limit in sight! No one knows I am sitting here alone. A solitary moon shines in the cold spring. Here in the spring – this is not the moon. The moon is where it always is – in the sky above. And […]

What I think about when I am running

Not for the first time, heading out for a run in the city after running at Tassajara felt quite effortless. The first Christmas I came back from the monastery to San Francisco, after doing some runs in the mountains over the previous months that were too long and arduous ever to want to contemplate doing […]

Sharon Salzberg

‘It is only due to our concepts that we feel separate from the world. We are isolated by ideas of inadequacy, ideas of danger, ideas of loneliness, and ideas of rejection. While we may indeed face external difficulties, our thoughts can amplify them – or even create them, leading us deeper into delusion. If we […]

Gyokko Sensei

‘Once I realized that the point is to be here, there is no reason to rush or be anxious. Ride the flow of nature. If you don’t do this, you suffer a great deal. With this, I saw how I didn’t have to suffer. It’s very difficult! The reasoning is not hard to understand, but […]

What I think about when I am riding

Bacchanalia has never been my strong suit, and while people getting trollied (to use one of the less vulgar English euphemisms) can be entertaining, and give rise to some sympathetic joy (to get in a gratuitous brahmavihara), there is also a way that mass public drunkenness can be separating – between us and them, from […]