Roaming Zen

This Saturday sees the last in the first season of Roaming Zen. I have been very grateful for all the support I have received, from those who have attended and those who haven’t, and I will certainly offer this again in the future; I have some dates between September and November lined up to take advantage of the late summer we can usually expect in San Francisco. It was nice to see another list from SFist – after the one on good bicycle rides – enumerating the ‘best’ hills in the city: we have covered five of them already in Roaming Zen, and the others are definitely on my list of future locations.
The final outing in this series will be around Mount Sutro (not on the list, perhaps for the lack of clear views), whose woods I discovered when I started running in the city a couple of years ago, and to which I return regularly with great pleasure – even though last week when I was out there I managed to trip over a rock (my mind having just wandered to the next day’s fixtures in the Euro 2016 football tournament), which left me a little winded and scratched up. I hope you will join me in mindfully roaming the slopes.

Mt Sutro woods 5 copy

On Sunday, which was a beautiful day for which I decided I did not need to be out on a bike, I took off early and, after a bus ride, walked across the Presidio from east to west so that I could spend some time at the beach before it got too crowded. The route took me along the trails we took in the first and third roam, so this is some of the landscape we covered then:

A tangle of trees off West Pacific Avenue

Looking over the Tennessee Hollow watershed – Angel Island is in the distance

The view of Mount Sutro from the Lobos Creek trail

Through the trees by Lobos Creek, quiet and cool in the shade

A gap in the trees

Baker Beach is pretty quiet in the morning

The sand ladder at Baker Beach

ps: if you are interested, I am going to send out a short survey to my Roaming Zen mailing list for help in scheduling. You can take it here.

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