What I think about when I am riding

In San Francisco, the solstice does not seem quite as notable as it does in my more northerly native land, where the longest days are indeed long – though I imagine the current wet weather back in England is not going to stir many thoughts of lazing outside on lovely mid-summer evenings. On Monday, as I […]

Roaming Zen

This Saturday sees the last in the first season of Roaming Zen. I have been very grateful for all the support I have received, from those who have attended and those who haven’t, and I will certainly offer this again in the future; I have some dates between September and November lined up to take advantage […]


‘Buddhas and ancestors of old were as we; we in the future shall be buddhas and ancestors. Revering buddhas and ancestors, we are one buddha and one ancestor; awakening bodhi-mind, we are one bodhi-mind. Because they extend their compassion to us freely and without limit, we are able to attain buddhahood and let go of […]

What I think about when I am riding

Regarded from one side, an entire range; From another, a single peak. Far, near, high, low, all its parts Different from the others If the true face of Mount Lu Cannot be known, It is because the one looking at it Is standing in its midst. – Su Shih There was a high pressure system […]


Returning home from a day of begging; Sage has covered my door. Now, a bunch of leaves burns with the brushwood. Silently, I read the poems of Han-shan, Accompanied by the autumn wind rustling through the reeds. I stretch out both feet and lie down. What is there to fret over? What is there to […]

Radical Dharma

Having picked up a copy of Radical Dharma when Rev. angel Kyodo williams came to speak, I can tell I’m going to be quoting from it a lot; it has been challenging and bracing to read, and I feel opened up, grateful to have that challenge and that openness. Reading it on my commute across the bay, in […]

Blanche Hartman

‘Before a dharma talk we chant a verse that speaks to the unsurpassed, penetrating and perfect dharma. It is as if the teacher were going to talk about perfect dharma and now you have it to see and listen to from the teacher. However, this unsurpassed, penetrating and perfect dharma, which we have to see […]