Blanche Hartman

‘No matter how long I’ve been practicing to see and end my preconceptions, my idea of who I am keeps arising again and again. It isn’t as if you were going to get rid of all thought of self and never be bothered by it again. Please don’t imagine such a thing. But we can with practice begin to see how our cherished ideas of who we are interfere with our actually seeing the circumstances of our life directly, interfere with our responding straightforwardly to the actions that come up, the circumstances that arise. And we become a little more capable of not getting hooked every time by our cherished opinions. And sometimes we are able to respond directly and immediately and to meet someone right here. To actually be present for our life as it occurs. Our life doesn’t occur a moment ago or in a few minutes. Life only occurs right now. If we have to sort through all of our baggage before we can meet it, the moment is gone. So we have to begin to have confidence in our immediate response. We have to begin to ask, What is the baggage I carry? If I get upset or excited, who do I think I am right now?’ (Seeds for a Boundless Life)

These are all very simple words, but they are the true grain of our practice if we can absorb them.

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