Isshu Miura

‘Our great masters of olden times have described the experience [of kensho] in various ways. One master said that kensho just like coming back to life again after having lost your hold on the edge of a precipice and fallen to your death. Another master has said that kensho is the moment when you die the Great Death. And […]


‘In general, when you are a beginner you cannot fathom the buddha way. Your assumptions do not hit the mark. The fact that you cannot fathom the buddha way as a beginner does not mean that you lack ultimate understanding, but it does mean that you do not recognize the deepest point. Endeavor wholeheartedly to […]

Radical Dharma

‘The most important thing to unpack is what would draw people into this ever-deepening path? What could be both the motivation and the destination? It seems to me that for people to develop any of the qualities that were important for nurturing people’s inner life – their sense of commitment beyond instant gratification, the long-term […]

Road to Heaven

‘One of the nuns at Lungwang Temple told us that Yuan-chao was living in an adobe hut on a small plateau that had been leveled off for Kuan-yin Temple’s future shrine hall. We followed the nun up the slope to Yuan-chao’s hut. She was sitting cross-legged on her k’ang, an adobe bed with a built-in […]

Wedding and Water

These are the days of fragile sunshine in San Francisco, so I was glad to be able to get out of the city over the weekend. I had two engagements: the first was to officiate a wedding up in the east bay, and then I headed up to Wilbur Hot Springs to offer meditation sessions […]


‘When you move mountains, rivers and earth, as well as the sun, the moon, and stars to practice, they in return move you to practice. This is not the open eye of just one time, but the vital eye of all times. Because it is all the open eye, the vital eye of all times, […]