Blanche Hartman

‘A monk shaving the head is symbolic of renunciation. But really what is to be renounced is self-clinging, so shaving the head is just to remind us to renounce whatever it is that we cling to, whatever it is that we attach to. We need to let it go, let our life flow through our […]

Toni Packer

‘Sitting quietly, doing nothing, not knowing what is next and not concerned with what was or what may be next, a new mind is operating that is not connected with the conditioned past and yet perceives it and understands the whole mechanism of conditioning. It is the unmasking of the self that is nothing but […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘In the reality of Buddha’s life, we are connected with and supported by all things. The self is not the subject of reality and other things are not its objects; we are in fact one with all things in the entire universe, and this reality is itself enlightenment. Enlightenment is not something that we can […]

Michio Mado

When I came back home on a rainy day, A cleaning rag was waiting for me in the entrance hall. “I’m a cleaning rag, ” it said, with a friendly look, Though it hadn’t wanted to become one. Until quite recently it had been a shirt. It was as soft as my skin. Maybe in […]


‘If you talk about a person’s cleverness or stupidity, it shows that you have yet to arouse the determination to study Buddhism. When an ordinary person falls off a horse, many things rush to their mind even before they hit the ground. In any way, when any great threat to life and limb occurs, everybody devotes […]

Darlene Cohen

‘Each of the two views, both dual and nondual, enhances and informs the other. If we look at our differentiated, relative world from the realm of nondual awareness, each object in the relative world is rendered unique by the possibility of its disappearing into undifferentiated reality. One Zen master said that when he took his […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘If you can just appreciate each thing, one by one, then you will have pure gratitude. Even though you observe just one flower, that one flower includes everything. It is not just a flower. It is the absolute, it is Buddha himself. We see it in that way. But at the same time, that which […]