Michael Stone

‘What constitutes our image of ourselves is a subjective story that we construct over the course of our lives, and others help us create it as well. A subject only remains a subject because the person constantly rearticulates himself or herself. We can all feel what it’s like to rehash old stories of ourselves and others that are stale. And yet we continue to do so through a kind of addiction to gluing and lacquering old stories, as we paste ourselves together moment to moment, like some kind of collage. Societies and nations do this as well, through creating identity and enemies. After a time, it becomes hard to shift the groove of these stories. The coherence of a story depends on repetition. What is so powerful about attentiveness as a practice is that it disrupts these habitual stories so we can enter our lives more fully. According to both the Yoga and the Buddhist traditions, many of these stories are rooted in fear, which is itself rooted in the three poisons: greed, anger and confusion.’ (Awake in the World)

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