Shundo Aoyama

‘In Japan, when we talk about cherry-blossom viewing, cherry blossoms must be in full bloom; if we talk about moon-viewing, it is understood that the moon has to be full. But it is possible to enjoy buds before they open, or to enjoy the scene of the petals floating to the ground in the wind or, even more so, to savor the bare trees in winter, bereft of leaves. Rather than a bright moon in a cloudless clear night sky, what about a moon adorned with clouds; how about the enjoyment of a crescent moon rather than a full moon, or anticipation of a moon not yet risen, or the charming thought of a moon that has just set? All things are in a state of constant flux. Our attitude toward viewing cherry blossoms or the moon reflects the enjoyment and savoring of all the vicissitudes of life just as they are.’ (Zen Seeds)

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