Roaming Zen

‘Buddhism makes mind its foundation and no-gate its gate. Now, how do you pass through this no-gate?’ – Mumon ‘As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged by a mountain stream, the great door, that does not look like a door, opens.’ – Stephen Graham, […]

What I think about when I am riding

Consecutive weekends filled with activities meant I had not done a really long ride for a while. I had run, and ridden a certain amount, but I had also been eating more heartily, hosting a lunch for some other people who have left Zen Center in the past year, going out to dinner several times last week; […]


A worn-out robe and five copper coins – a distinctly individual hospitality It is hard to hastily explain to others the Master’s everyday mind His body at ease like the drifting scraps of cloud reflected in the valley stream His bright mind like the moon’s radiance illuminating the mountains Horse barley is sufficient to sustain […]

Chögyam Trungpa

‘In order to achieve silence you would not chase the birds away because they make a noise. In order to be still you would not stop the movement of air or the rushing river, but accept them and you will yourself be aware of the silence. Just accept them as part of the establishment of […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘Take, for example, how European people though that the sun, the moon, and the stars all moved around the earth, until the discoveries of Galileo proved otherwise. From a certain perspective, Galileo’s discoveries were indeed a great accomplishment, yet in reality, the earth has been orbiting the sun since its birth forty-six billion years ago, […]


‘After great will, faith and determination are aroused, you should then constantly ask, “Who is the host of seeing and hearing?” Walking, standing, sitting, lying down, active or silent, whether in favorable or unfavorable circumstances, throw your mind into the question of what it is that sees everything here and now. What hears?’  (The Four […]

The Essential Art of Zazen

Last night I went out to meet a friend for dinner so we could catch up with each others’ lives. She suggested a Thai restaurant that was convenient for both of us, and, as it happens, not too far from Zen Center. I first ate there in 1999, in the week I spent in San […]

Uchiyama Roshi

‘In our everyday life, when we want to talk about something, we freely talk about it. When we want to go somewhere, before long, we are on our way. No sooner do we intend to possess something than we find ourselves grabbing for it. Our hands, feet, and tongue work so freely that we have […]

Blanche Hartman

‘Life is too short to waste it on judging other people by whatever standards we may have. It’s actually not good to judge yourself in a disparaging way either. Just like loving-kindness begins with yourself, really being conscious of not disparaging begins with yourself. You can hardly be open and friendly and accepting of everybody […]