The Hidden Lamp

‘Magu, Nanquan, and another monk were on pilgrimage. Along the way they met a woman who had a teashop. The woman prepared a pot of tea and brought three cups. She said to them, “Oh monks, let those of you with miraculous powers drink tea.”
The three looked at each other and the woman said, “Watch this decrepit old woman show her own miraculous powers.” Then she picked up the cups, poured the tea, and went out.’

From Mary Grace Orr’s commentary: ‘Perhaps as we practice, we come to appreciate more and more the readily available miracles. And perhaps we even come to a point at which we can walk through the walls of our own minds. Maybe our hearts can become so vast that we can hold with kindness even those who are difficult for us. Maybe we can see clearly what is true in our lives and not have to hide from it. And this might be enough.’

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