‘Mature or not, it’s all a matter of long-term practice. One should progress in study as much as possible according to the teacher’s method. The same is true of the vows of students of the Way; although incapable at first, eventually they’ll succeed. Even if temporarily discouraged by obstructions caused by ingrained habits, if you […]

Uchiyama Roshi

‘To fall in love is ecstasy, but marriage is everyday life. Everyday life has rainy days, windy days, and stormy days. So you can’t always be happy. It’s the same with zazen. There are two kinds of zazen transmitted in Japan. One understands zazen as ecstasy and the other understands zazen as everyday life. A […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘In the zendo there is nothing fancy. We just come and sit. After communicating with each other we go home and resume our own everyday activity as a continuation of our pure practice, enjoying our true way of life. Yet this is very unusual. Wherever I go people ask me, “What is Buddhism?” with their […]

Home runs

I had been looking forward to getting some runs in while I was in England; I would not have wanted to go three weeks without any physical activity. The way my itinerary turned out, I got out five times, in four different parts of the country, and I am fairly sure each one included some […]

Marian Mountain

‘It is natural for my mother to doubt the value of this kind of life. From the ordinary point of view, our zen life leaves no trace of anything worthwhile. We have nothing to show for it, nothing to give from it, and nothing to say about it. Whatever we show, give, or say about […]


I packed a lot into seventeen days in England – a couple of train trips, twelve hundred miles of driving and thirteen hundred photographs, staying in six different places, catching up with all my immediate family and my closest friends – though I did not get to quite the place that Brad Warner is writing […]