‘How sad for those who miss the dharma of the manifested buddha body! How are the mountain colors seen and valley sounds heard otherwise? Are mountain colors and valley sounds one phrase or half a phrase? Are they eighty-four thousand verses of scripture? You may regret that mountains and waters conceal sounds and colors, but you may also rejoice that the moment of enlightenment emerges through mountains and waters.
The tongue of the Buddha does not take a break. The colors are beyond coming and going. Are the sounds and colors intimate when they are apparent, or are they intimate when they are obscured? Are they one whole expression or half an expression? During past springs and autumns, Dongpo has not seen or heard the mountains and waters. He saw them for the first time that night. Bodhisattvas who study the way, open your minds to mountains flowing and to water not flowing.’ (Shobogenzo Keisei Sanshiki)

It was reading the Platform Sutra that drew me to pull this off the shelves again. Perhaps that is clear.

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