Tara Brach

‘All our reactions to people, to situations, to thoughts in our mind – are actually reactions to the kinds of sensations that are arising in the body. When we become riveted on someone’s ineptness and are bursting with impatience, we are reacting to our own unpleasant sensations; when we are attracted to someone and filled with longing and fantasy, we are reacting to pleasant sensations. Our entire swirl of reactive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors springs from this ground of reacting to sensations. When these sensations are unrecognized, our lives are lost in the waterfall of reactivity – we disconnect from living presence, from full awareness, from our heart.’ (Radical Acceptance)

I worry that there are usually more male voices on these pages than female ones, and try to remedy that when I can. It is nice to be able to pull a book off the shelf and have my eyes fall on an apt paragraph as soon as I open the pages.

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