Radical Dharma

‘Lama Rod: Healing can be started now. I get pushback from people who say. “No! We need to end oppression. Or we need to end all these systems.” I think that’s how we get lost and distracted from the work of healing. I’m working to end racism and oppression, but at the same time I want to be liberated. I want to thrive. I want to be happy. How can we bring that ethic of healing back into our communities, into our sanghas, into our households, into our relationships, into our organizations?
Rev angel: This is something that is challenging for people to understand – the notion of transforming society from the inside out. We’re so in a framework of dichotomies that many people are like, “We have to do it outside first.”
Understanding that part of our capacity to make change outside in a way that’s actually generative comes from having done work inside so we can actually have empowerment that doesn’t have to do with external conditions.’

It seemed like a good time to open this book again, and to find inspiration in the words and discussions, seeing fresh through the new lens we find ourselves looking through.

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