Shodo Harada

‘Can you hear the Dharma of this very moment? What is there to listen to right now? Is the Dharma in people’s explanations? Will speaking words of kindness be thought of as the teaching of the Dharma? Right here, right now, hearing the drum go boom, hearing the ring of the sutra gong – or even the sound of the book page turning – what is it that hears this? Directly and clearly experience that, and then there will be nothing left to seek; for your whole life you will live as a true person. Rinzai taught this time and time again: that which hears the boom of the drum – this is neither man nor woman, young nor old, rich nor poor, neither scholar nor an uneducated person, not square and not round, not red and not white – it is simply one True Person of No Rank and only that. It is not form or substance and has not standing at all. It is that which becomes our eyes and sees, becomes our ears and hears, becomes our nose and smells, and becomes our mouth and tastes. It is that which becomes our hands and can hold things, becomes our feet and can carry our body. Rinzai would say, “Do you still not understand?”‘ (The Path to Bodhidharma)

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