Toni Packer

‘What do people mean by “self-realization”? A powerful experience that will settle our daily problems? Awakening to a state of nirvana, bliss, ecstasy? Is that what people believe it to be? I am asked about this all the time. We all have read so many accounts of enlightenment experiences and one wants that same experience […]

Danxia Tianran

‘Each of you here has a place to put your cushion and sit. Why do you suspect you need something else? Is Zen something that you can explain? Is a buddha something that you can become? I don’t want to hear a single word about Buddhism. All of you, look and see! Skillful means and […]

Uchiyama Roshi

‘What is the most important thing in life? A lot of people would reply, “Money!” But money isn’t the most important thing for us. First of all it’s air; then, water, temperature, light, food, etc. Money is further down the list. Since our country is blessed with air and water, we Japanese completely forget the […]

The Beginning of Spring

The blossoms started coming out in San Francisco in spite of last week’s rain, or perhaps because of the milder temperatures that accompanied it; this early flowering is a perennial California joy for me. The last of the rain blew through on Friday morning, and once it had gone, the blue skies that followed seemed […]

Miraculous Activity

‘When I hear people talking about happiness I have no idea what they mean, but then, it’s not something you talk about, it’s something you do.  Bake pies, chop logs.  At a certain point, the mere sense of living is joy enough. … It takes a lifetime, for some of us at least, to know […]