Dzogchen Ponlop

‘Renunciation does not necessarily mean simply running away from something. It means that we will go into the depths of any such reality to find freedom within it. That is very important here. The desire to free ourselves and others must be balanced with the sense of complete trust in our ability to achieve liberation. […]

Ta Hui

‘The truth that is as it is has been continuous since antiquity without ever having varied so much as a hairsbreadth.’ (Swampland Flowers) Which is why we don’t need to look anywhere else than ‘as it is’. What is it that stops us doing that? The thinking mind, and falling into desires; these are the things […]


‘Yunmen asked,”The unchanging person has come. Will the master receive him or not?” Caoshan said, “On Mount Cao there’s no spare time for that.”‘ (Zen’s Chinese Heritage) I am tempted to add: I wonder what they were all so busy doing?


‘Guard and maintain your towel in this way. Fold it in two and hang it over your left elbow. Dry the face with one half of it and the hands with the other half. Don’t wipe the nose means not to wipe inside the nose or wipe off the snivel. You should not wipe the armpits, back, […]


‘A person’s body and mind change according to situation and time. A billion worlds can be sat through within a single sitting. Even so, at that very moment the body and mind cannot be measured by self or other. It is the power of buddha dharma. The scale of the body and mind is not […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘Our zazen practice is to awaken to the reality prior to separation. Ordinarily we see things from one perspective or the other. When we sit, we let go of thoughts and all particular perspectives. We don’t grasp anything. That doesn’t mean that we have to extinguish thought. Thought is always there as we experience our […]