‘In this floating life, fame and profit exist only for a moment. Why should we wait long kalpas for the causes and conditions for nirvana? Therefore sages who have attained the way and verified the result [of practice] quickly abandon fame for the mountains and wild lands. Wise ones who have reached the other shore and entered the [ultimate] rank rapidly take themselves to forests and streams. Doesn’t this seem better for fully grasping the matter of mind and objects? Because of this, they erase the traces of the way within their lifetimes. The true person beyond study does not postpone [abandonment of worldly pursuits].
However, I do not yearn for mountains and forests, and do not depart from the neighborhoods of people. Lotus flowers blossom within the red furnace; above the blue sky there is a white elm. There are actually no clouds in the sky and no mist in the mountain, so the moon advancing towards suchness is high and clear. There may be bamboo fences and flowery hedges, but the wind that follows conditions does not obstruct the echoes [of the Dharma]. Why should I necessarily stay in lofty halls or great temples, and be bound up in the snares and nets of right and wrong? It is better to play within the streets and marketplaces, and go beyond the threshold of names and forms. Who would cherish this stinking skin-bag and consider it precious? Who would consider it desirable to reject these trivial, complicated dwellings?’ (Extensive Record, vol 8, Hogo 1)

Now, of course Dogen was living at Eiheiji when he articulated this, and spent most of his life extolling the superiority of monastic practice, but perhaps he was tweaking a student’s nose to stop any sense of clinging.

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