Sekkei Harada

‘I think there are many of you who think, “I must not think,” so you suppress thought. This is the worst thing to do. You are suppressing the natural flow of the Dharma itself. Don’t think of trying to suppress thought. By thinking, “Don’t think, don’t think,” your essential nature is lost. Without any freedom or comfort, you only end up sitting and thinking of trying to get rid of suffering. This is the sickness of not knowing that the thought of getting rid of suffering is suffering.
In order to understand this really well, I will say it one more time. Zen is neither thinking nor not thinking. “When there is thinking, there is only thinking, and while thinking, there is liberation.” And “”when not thinking, there is only not thinking, and while not thinking, there is liberation.”
Zazen is not something to be learned from a teacher. Zazen is something learned by means of zazen itself.’ (The Essence of Zen)

A slightly different angle on yesterday’s post, to be looked at together for a deeper perspective.

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