‘The eye cannot see itself, but neither can its function be dimmed. The light streams out from the source, pure and white, shining everywhere. The reed flowers intermingle with the snow; the bright moon bathes the autumn. Here you have the energetic opportunity for mutual union. On the path of careful observation, valiantly carry it and apply it well. No place can be other than myself; no place can restrain me. Leap out supreme from the ten thousand forms. Juzhi’s one finger Zen is not exhausted by thirty years of using it. Its subtlety is in its simplicity, which silently, wordlessly secures the purpose at its leisure. Therefore it responds without clutching at things. The Way wanders with the spirits protecting it. This is how the principle is originally. But if suddenly you attach to one thread or fiber, then the guiding mind is blocked and cannot be opened. Where emptiness is empty it contains all of existence, where existence exists it joins the single emptiness. Still I ask, what is this?’ (Cultivating the Empty Field)

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