Katagiri Roshi

‘We can see the original principle of existence in the life of a tree, a pebble, snow, the seasons, and other forms in nature. This principle is what-is-just-is-of-itself, before it runs through our consciousness. This original principle as a manifestation of buddha is not separate from the form of trees, form of pebbles, form of the seasons or the form of everyday routine. It is always manifested and completed. “Completed” means there is no excuse, because it is completed in every single form of existence. It’s there, speaking. Trees are always speaking about the original principle or Buddha. This is called Dharma or teaching. Everything becomes a teaching for us. We realize the Buddha in every single existence. We realize all sentient beings are buddha.’ (Returning to Silence)

DSCF4981 (1).jpg
A fine old tree on Ealing Common in London demonstrating the point perfectly.

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