Kobun Chino

‘Gathering all elements, body and mind function somewhat together. We all know this life phenomenon of us is short, and when the time comes, all elements scatter again.
Day and night, day and night, the heart beats regularly, whether or not you are aware of it. The breathing continues with a certain rhythm. Your sense organs function amazingly, and brain, eyes, hands, which way you move every moment, are all spontaneous. These are taken care of in a split second. What kind of life is it? Do you call it a human being? In the Buddhist custom, we don’t name it human. It is simply life, and with surprise and amazement we call it Buddha nature. This is the total dynamic of awakening nature. This life force is seeking an object to love.
“Love,” in this case, means “give something of yourself.” Legs move you, compassion drives you to move toward the object. When you see a knowledgeable, experienced person, naturally you feel deep admiration, causing a magnetic pull toward that person. When you start to observe such impulses, you finally find out what are the contents of this magnetic force. When you see somebody suffering in pain or illness, immediately you go closer to find what you can do for this person. The same life force makes you want to share your knowledge and wisdom. All beings have inborn Buddha nature.’ (Embracing Mind)

2 thoughts on “Kobun Chino

    1. I am sorry I did not put two and two together when I read the comment, but I want to thank you for all the work you and Joe did on putting these great teachings out into the world.
      With bows.


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