Kobun Chino

‘Everybody knows that seeking your own peaceful spirit is up to your own practice, and it’s a way to learn how to live, which means you accept yourself totally as you are. Everybody wishes to be a truly satisfactory person, satisfactory to yourself, but this doesn’t happen by hearing somebody say how well you do things or how wonderful you are. You will never be satisfied until you say, “yes” to yourself. Way-mind comes from that area…
Sitting is a sort of forgotten ability of humankind. You know what I’m talking about. When our survival was in danger, in ancient times, this was our main activity. Among all kinds of dangerous animals or poison foods, we had to keep our sense organs still, in order to find our position in the danger. We had internal awareness of what kind of food is good, and what kind of food wasn’t good. Now, after eating, we have to contemplate where those foods came from and where they went. We had many, many centuries of training, natural training. But nowadays, we don’t know who we are, in a very essential sense.’ (Embracing Mind)

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