Kobun Chino

‘Remembering the advice of Dogen Zenji, it is said that in order to admit and observe exactly how you are, sitting in zazen is the best way. Nobody can tell you what you have been; you have to see it yourself, what you have gotten and how things are going. You naturally see. That is the beginning. But a lot of problems continue to go along with our life. It is truly strange to be born as a human being. Maybe to be something else, like a rock or dewdrop or something, would be a little easier. Every day, somewhere hurts. There is something wrong every day. But the wonderful thing is, certainly something is new every day, although we cannot say quite what it is. But something is new. That new thing must be something we already knew, but had always forgotten. It’s essential characteristic is to allow us to live another day.’ (Embracing Mind)

When I go to England at the end of the month, I will be teaching on zazen, and it is helpful to have contemporary descriptions to set alongside Dogen’s Fukanzazengi. Kobun Chino is quite allusive – do you feel what he is getting at here?

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