The Sea, The Sea

I managed to miss Storm Ophelia passing across the British Isles last week when I flew out to Portugal, but I certainly felt the effects of Storm Brian at the end of the week. I returned to London on Friday, and had my third visit with the Wimbledon group on Saturday morning. As with Hebden Bridge, […]


‘Each person naturally receives his allotted share in his life. He need not think of it, he need not search for it; the allotted portion is there. Even if you rush about in search of riches, what happens when death suddenly comes? Students should clear their minds of these non-essential things and concentrate on studying […]

Sharon Salzberg

‘Most people who come to meditation are looking for respite from what is called the “monkey mind” – the perpetual, hyperactive (and often self-destructive) whirl of thoughts and feelings everyone undergoes. But the truth is that meditation does not eradicate mental and emotional turmoil. Rather, it cultivates the space and gentleness that allow us intimacy […]


‘This teaching has no dualism, neither does the mind; the Way is pure, without any signs. You should be careful not to contemplate stillness and empty your minds. The mind is originally clean, with nothing to grasp or reject. Each of you work on your own, going along as best you can according to circumstances.’ […]

The End Of The World

Before I left for this trip, it occurred to me that it would be nice to be able to treat some of the time as a retreat. Time with friends and family, as pleasurable and occasionally lazy as it was, and a weekend of teaching, left me feeling very ready for a few quiet, unscheduled […]

An English Roam

For my third visit to Hebden Bridge, last weekend, I arrived a little fresher than I had for the first, when the drive from my mother’s had taken longer than anticipated, and the second, when I had taken planes, trains, trams and cars to arrive in time to teach. It was lovely to be hosted […]