‘Sometimes I, Eihei, enter the ultimate state and offer profound discussion, simply wishing for you all to be steadily intimate in your mind field. Sometimes, within the gates and gardens of the monastery, I offer my own style of practical instruction,simply wishing you all to disport and play freely with spiritual penetration. Sometimes I spring quickly leaving no trace, simply wishing all of you to drop off body and mind. Sometimes I enter the samadhi of self-fulfillment, simply wishing you all to trust what your hand can hold.
Suppose someone suddenly came forth and asked this mountain monk, “What would go beyond these kinds of teachings?”
I would simply say to him: Scrubbed clean by the dawn wind, the night mist clears. Dimly seen, the blue mountains form a single line.’ (Extensive Record, 266)

The extensively helpful footnotes with this volume tell us that Dogen uses the word uji for ‘sometimes’, which of course points us to his deeply taxing fascicle on time. I was also reminded, by the four different set-ups, of the famous story of Master Ma and Yaoshan, which I am still trying to wrap my head around.

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