‘When you climb a mountain you should reach the peak. When you enter the ocean you should reach the bottom. If you climb a mountain and don’t reach the peak, you will not know the unlimited vastness of the universe. If you enter the ocean and don’t reach the bottom, you will not know the shallows or depths of the blue-green sea. If you already know the unlimited vastness and the shallows and the depths, you can overturn the four oceans with one kick, and topple Mount Sumeru with one push. As for a person who opens their hands like this and reaches home, how could they not be aware of the sparrows singing and crows cawing among the cypress trees? Do you all want to understand this clearly?
After a pause Dogen said: After twenty-one days of facing the tree, and doing walking meditation, the morning star appeared and illuminated the Milky Way. Unexpectedly he sat and broke through the vajra seat. Who could fathom the wall-gazing of our house?’ (Extensive Record, 268)

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