Sharon Salzberg

‘When we pay attention to sensations in our bodies, we can feel that love is the energetic opposite of fear.’ (Real Love)

I am giving the dharma talk at Zen Center tomorrow night, and have been re-reading Real Love to gather my thoughts; I imagine much of what I am going to talk about is through this lens. With some added Dogen, of course.

2 thoughts on “Sharon Salzberg

  1. I discovered your site after looking for events at SFZC. On the plane to SF now (I live in NYC), I wound up reading a lot—and listening to a podcast you were on—and I’m going to do everything I can to make it. A lot of your experience resonates with me: still new to Zen, but a former Hindu monastic turned creative professional. Thanks for putting yourself out there.


  2. Thanks Norman. I am struggling to get the talk into shape, but hopefully something will emerge. Please come and say hello afterwards if you are able to make it.


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