‘Xiangyan asked a monk, “Where did you come from?”
The monk said, “I come from Guishan.”
Xiangyan said, “What does the teacher have to say these days?”
The monk said, “When someone asked about the meaning of Bodhidharma’s coming from the west, the teacher raised his whisk.”
Xiangyan after hearing this asked, “How did the brothers there understand the the teacher’s meaning?”
The monk said, “The monks there deliberated and thought this was ‘Right within forms, clarifying the mind; adhering to things, demonstrating the principle.'”
Xiangyan said, “Those who understand just understand. Why should those who do not understand die from hurrying?”
The monk asked further, “What was the teacher’s meaning?”
Xiangyan also raised his whisk.


I hear Xiangyan’s last phrase as echoing Yunju. How about his raising his whisk though? Is that the same as Guishan or not?

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