‘As for what is called magnanimous mind, this mind is like the great mountains or like the great ocean; it is not biased or contentious mind. Carrying half a pound, do not take it lightly; lifting forty pounds should not seem heavy. Although drawn by the voices of spring, do not wander over spring meadows; viewing the fall colors, do not allow your heart to fall. The four seasons co-operate in a single scene; regard light and heavy with a single eye.’ (Tenzokyokun)

My class on the Tenzokyokun starts on Tuesday (there is still time and space for you to sign up if you are local); this lovely passage comes towards the very end, so we won’t look at it for a few weeks yet. But I will say that looking at things with a single eye does not mean ignoring the fact that they are different. I will also say that, for me, it echoes the point I was making yesterday.

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