Chan Master Sheng Yen

I like to delve into the library at Tassajara while I am there to see what catches my eye. While I was looking over the shelves, I pulled one book out, and saw a tiny little booklet that had been hiding next to it; a short pamphlet with the title ‘The Advantages One May Derive from Zen Meditation’ (the zen was printed in red, for added emphasis, I suppose).
Since I was due to give the zazen instruction on the days that my retreats started, I thought I might glean something useful; ultimately I decided against quoting any of it, partly because I tend to adhere to the ‘no gaining idea’ school that Suzuki Roshi espoused. But I thought it would be fun to quote a passage here:

‘Since we know that Zen Meditation is the best means of uncovering and developing one’s hidden wisdom and physical power, then it is not difficult to transform an ordinary person into a brilliant one, a physically weak person into a strong one, thus enabling all people to become perfect. Therefore, Zen Meditation is the best means to strengthen human life, build up society, and improve the entire environment.’

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