This Very Beginner’s Mind

I have a new commute these days, to a different part of the East Bay, on those three days a week where I am doing what I usually refer to as my day job.
I am still getting used to this: I miss the regular driver on the train I used to catch; on the other hand, the journey is ten minutes shorter each way. This gives me an extra hour a week of free time, and I am watching to see how long it takes me to forget that. There are also more direct trains running in that direction, so I don’t need to stress about rushing to catch one, which I often did on the way home from the previous location.
I am starting to learn my way around the new neighbourhood we are working in; the bike ride from BART is just a few blocks, but does involve crossing railway tracks, heading under a freeway and crossing one of the exit roads, as well as some very long traffic lights, and road surfaces that are mostly completely worn out and bumpy. I have been trying different routes to see which feels better, or safer, or slightly faster. Eventually all this will solidify into habit, but right now it still feels very fresh and alive.

On a separate note, I have posted the last of the four talks on the Bodhisattva Vows that I gave in San Rafael; they are all available on the audio page.

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