angel Kyodo williams

‘We are very fortunate that the Buddha set out on his journey and ended up plopping right down into deep meditation. He gave up a lot to practice Right Concentration and to get to the bottom of life. He pointed out a way for us to yank the veil off our eyes for ourselves. He taught that we can and must empower ourselves. Now we know that we don’t have to wait for anyone to do it for us. But the Buddha has been dead for a long time and we can’t ever gain the benefit of his experience by talking about it. We can talk and write and theorize it to death, and still we won’t get one step closer. We have a good idea that his method can work because it has been passed down generation after generation for all these years. It’s not the only way to enlightened being, but it is a way that works for anyone that puts patience and effort into practicing it.’  (Being Black)

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