angel Kyodo williams

‘We are very fortunate that the Buddha set out on his journey and ended up plopping right down into deep meditation. He gave up a lot to practice Right Concentration and to get to the bottom of life. He pointed out a way for us to yank the veil off our eyes for ourselves. He […]

Sitting under the olive tree

This Monday lunchtime, Zachary and I will be sitting on the Embarcadero, as we try to do every week. I will be coming by bike and taking the cushions away on a trailer borrowed from the Bicycle Coalition, as I have done a few times. Looking back, I noticed that this week marks the one-year […]

Uchiyama Roshi

Water isn’t formed by being ladled into a bucket Simply the water of the whole Universe has been ladled into a bucket The water does not disappear because it has been scattered over the ground It is only that the water of the whole Universe has been emptied into the whole Universe Life is not […]


‘A monk asked, “Why did the First Ancestor come from the west?” Sansheng said, “Spoiled meat draws flies.”‘ (Zen’s Chinese Heritage)

Zenkei Blanche Hartman

‘This question comes up again and again throughout Zen history, “What is it?” Please investigate this: “What is it?” “What is it you’re doing here?” I don’t ask you to look for the words for it. Words are secondary. I want you to find the feel of it. I want you to find the fire […]

Shodo Harada

‘All people in society need to realize this true human nature – not Buddha, or God, or that self that yearns for sex, fame, and money, but that which would be naturally respected by anyone who came in contact with it. Directly feeling the great depth and clarity of this true human nature, we bow […]

This Very Beginner’s Mind

I have a new commute these days, to a different part of the East Bay, on those three days a week where I am doing what I usually refer to as my day job. I am still getting used to this: I miss the regular driver on the train I used to catch; on the […]