Katagiri Roshi

‘In daily living there are lots of distractions, both criticisms and admiration. These things are distractions for us because it’s pretty easy to be obsessed with them. If people admire us we are completely infatuated with that admirations. If someone gives us criticism we are completely tossed away and it’s pretty hard to spring back. Always there’s something that we are obsessed with, and we are stuck there. This is not emptiness. It’s very hard, but this is daily living, so we cannot escape from this. The question is, how should we handle the admiration, criticism and judgment, good or bad, right or wrong? In daily living it’s pretty difficult to do our best in order to accomplish what we have decided to do, because between the time we have made the decision and the time when we start to act, many things come up. Sometimes before we start to act we are already tossed away. So it’s pretty hard. This is why we have to know the overall picture of human life, which is very tangled with complication.
For this, zazen is a very simple practice.’

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